A wide range of international products

Specialities from around the world

International specialities and products

At our shop in Basel, you can purchase and enjoy high-quality products and specialities from around the world.


  • A few of our highlights:
  • A large selection of American drinks
  • Various products from our homeland in Latin America
  • All-natural, homemade gelato from Italy, made in an original Italian gelato maker
  • More than 30 different beers from Italy, Latin America and Switzerland as well as home-brews
  • Soon we will also carry Cerutti coffee from Ticino.

In addition to these specialities, we also offer a variety of products and services for everyday use such as alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, DHL service, UPS service, soft drinks, batteries, electronics, fresh fruit and vegetables, Lyca Mobile prepaid cards and Swiss and international prepaid recharges.


Are you looking for a product that we don’t currently stock? Contact us and we’ll be happy to import it for you.